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The project

Amilon is a top Italian tech co. & EU leader in B2B/B2C branded money and digital gift cards. Processes for retail chain & GDS.

a more organic company management, facilitating the use of the company's benefits, credits and services.


  • Giuntini Lorenzo
  • Paterniti Martello Giusy
  • Santomo Attilio
  • Tripodi Luigi
  • Turrini Elisa

What I did
desk research, competitors and benchmark analysis, user personas, experience journey map, user story, information architecture, user flow, prototype, A/B test

discover phase


The context of the users taken into consideration is that of corporate life, taking into account both the moments of smartworking and the moments of working on the premises.


Some apps that inspired the concept and/or interaction design phase.

research plan

User research focused on interviews with 9 company employees, trying to extract as much information and detail as possible about their use of and relationship with company benefits. The target audience is aged between 30-35 years. Respondents were divided into 4 smart-working employees and 5 on-site employees.

Journey Map

Key Takeaways

  • All Branded Money credits can be placed in one secure wallet
  • Credits can be used as a frictionless payment instrument
  • Merchants can use branded money for loyalty or to gain customers. Applies to both retailers & small merchants.
  • Companies can allow their employees to use the credits sent to them in a simple and frictionless way.

define phase

User personas

After analysing the results of the interviews, the data needed to create a personas, the reference for the whole project, was extrapolated. The fictitious user personas, called Artemisia, is an employee of a medium-large company. She very much appreciates the benefits that her company provides. Great app user: she knows that there is always an app for everything.


  • She would like an accessible platform to manage and use her company benefits
  • She would like her company credits to be more flexible to use
  • She would like to exchange and give away her gift cards

"My company provides me a lot of benefits and I would like to make the best use of them."

User stories

User Story A ↔ Booking a meeting room
As an employee I would like to book a room for my company meeting.

User Story B ↔ Exchange gift cards
As an employee I would like to be able to exchange my gift cards to use the ones that interest me.

User Story C ↔ Micropayments
As an employee I would like to use my company wallet and benefits to pay for lunch.

ideate phase


Designing management and payment application with company credits, gift cards and vouchers.

  • Extension and flexibility of use of company credits (replacing meal vouchers and other benefits with limitations and little flexibility)
  • Exchange, gift and use of gift cards and vouchers
  • Management of company services (booking meeting rooms etc.)


prototype and test phases

Low fidelity prototype

A/B testing

A/B testing sessions were carried out with users targeting the personas.

Version A

  • Access to portfolios on homepage
  • Gift card/voucher detail with direct CTAs
  • Pay button: both QRcode and geolocated points of sale

Version B

  • Access to wallets and some gift cards on the homepage
  • Gift card/voucher detail with pop-up CTAs
  • Pay button: only QRcode and launch to geolocated shop list

A/B test results

  • Better definition of the steps within the exchange flow
  • In the B version, the presence of some vouchers and gift cards on the homepage was not perceived as an added value, so it was decided to remove them
  • Improved usability of vouchers and gift cards
  • Improved general notification system

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