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Project carried out with IIS crocetti High School.
Project was created to analyze and improve the user experience and user interface of the institute's digital presence, adequately representing the three different paths it offers.
The accurate analysis of the goals, macro-environment, targets and competitors had a great importance to understand this field even from a business perspective.

What I did
competitive analyis, competitors and benchmark analysis, user research, information architecture, user flow, wireframe, design system, user interface, a/b testing, high-fidelity prototype


swot analysis

  • The acquisition of the skills needed to enter the world of work and at the same time the possibility of continuing their studies with a university course;
  • Alternating school-work
  • The articulation of the school timetable divided into 5 days a week, thus leaving Saturdays free;


  • The obsolescence of some equipments and machines in vocational institute (IPSIA) laboratories, in the technical and technological institute (ITT);
  • At the end of the five-years course, the preparation offered has gaps in general culture which can be an obstacle for students wishing to pursue a university course;
  • Open days and welcome activities prove to be ineffective and disorganised because they are left to the initiative of teachers;


  • By strengthening the relationship with companies and industry, the perception of future job stability would increase;
  • Carrying out a common project for communicating the identity of the IIS Institute and organising open daysand welcoming activities in line with institutional communication;
  • Enhancing school-family communication through the Institute's website;


  • Proximity to other direct competitors;
  • Difficulty in creating a communicative standard;
  • Lack of funds from local institutions for the purchase of new laboratory equipments;



The analysed competitors were divided into two categories:

  • Competitors by geographical proximity, all institutions which, although they do not have an educational offer similar to that of IIS, are nevertheless geographically close and, thanks to the interviews carried out with the students and parents of the secondary schools, it emerged that one of the factors influencing the choice of Institute is geographical proximity to home;

  • Competitors with an educational offer similar to IIS

UX design

User personas

The creation of fictitious users allows the institute to get closer to the mentality of the people who revolve around it: a processthat, starting from identification, makes it easier to understand the objectives, desires, needs and requests of different categories.
After many questionnaires to understand the needs of all the users, I created the user personas divided into two macro-categories:

The categories analysed in this section (IIS students, student's parents, school staff) have already had interactions with the institute and therefore they have specific needs and wishes about what they would like to find in the new website. The goal is to identify the issues that generate frustrations, preventing the realisation of a positive user experience.

Internal users

External users are represented by all secondary school students (who are in the process of choosing the high school in which they will enroll) and their parents. These users have not yet had contact with IIS and therefore have different needs than internal users.

External users


Taxonomies have been modified according to users' needs. Card sorting sessions were carried out which were particularly useful for the parents' sections as there were a number of discrepancies between the logical identifications from the target study and those from the card sorting. Another particularly interesting logical identification is that which emerged between the student area and the teaching area. The correlation between the two was so overwhelming that it was possible to combine the contents in a single section.

User flow

During the implementation of the new user flow of the website, test sessions were carried out with users to trace the user flow of the main tasks of the old website (as-is user flow) in order to improve it with the new flow (new user flow).

Task flow 1

In Task 1 the goal was to find the training offer for Wellness Operator course of IIS’s Professional department.

Task flow 2

In Task 2 the goal was to find the timetable for "tourist reception class 3" course of the "Hotelier" department. In the old user flow (as-is) the user finds a table with no possibility of filtering, classes are listed without context (e.g. 1C, 1I). In the new user flow the user must first choose the department, then the course and the year. This logical identification increases the number of steps, but it is very easy to find the desired timetable.

Task flow 3

In Task 3 the user has to find the calendar of school-family meetings. In theas-is flow it was not possible to complete this task, while the new flow can select the department first, then the course and the class, thus arriving exactly at the desired school-family meetings calendar.

ui & Design system

The design system is modular, where each element can be adapted to the respective institute while maintaining consistency with all three Institutes (and of course the main Institute, which combines all three). Each element has two characteristics: one variable with respect to its Institute (e.g. colours and declination of the reference logo) and a static one that is the same for all the Institutes (dimensions, spacing, typography, shapes). This increases the consistency and ease of maintenance of the design system.



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